Gatts Consulting

We provide HUMAN CAPITAL and training solutions to corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies


For organizations to thrive in the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment in which we live and work, they need to develop teams that can effectively navigate this landscape.

Gatts Consulting’s mission is to provide human capital and training solutions to corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies. 

We are committed to building strong relationships with our clients and guiding them toward tangible outcomes. Creating value and fostering lasting transformation enable leaders to unlock their full potential and drive organizational success.

Who We Are

Our boutique consulting firm specializes in helping private corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies achieve excellence.

Our business model is based on two fundamental core values: building relationships and creating value

This means we work with clients through superior relationship-building to ensure that engagements produce real results.

We are also a certified Small Minority Owned Business in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


what we do

At Gatts Consulting, we believe that effective leadership is the cornerstone of organizational success, and our services are designed to enhance your leadership abilities, strengthen your decision-making skills, and foster a positive and collaborative work environment.

We do this through our best-in-class customized leadership training and development, human capital strategy, and organizational performance improvement services.

How we do it (Our 7-step process)

how we do it
  1. We collaborate with your team to assess your current QA program (if applicable), to determine objectives, and goals. This helps us gather information needed to build your customized QA program.
  2. We involve all key stakeholders in consultations to ensure buy-in.
  3. We build your QA program and train your team on the tools and systems.
  4. We observe your calibration sessions (if applicable), and provide recommendations to help ensure consistency.
  5. We train your team on how to use insights gathered to effectively coach associates (Silver Package only).
  6. We provide leadership training for your new/emerging leaders using John C. Maxwell’s Developing the Leader Within You
  7. We provide one-hour QA office hours for six weeks post implementation, to address any questions or issues that arise.